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A Stacked Deck

  The fall semester is right around the corner, and with it comes one of the most exciting years of ministry I've seen so far. Only God knows what will end up happening this year, but it does seem like He's stacking the deck for us . Our leader team has grown this past year, and we have around 10 more leaders than last year. They are all bright eyed and excited to get on campus and make a difference. It's amazing to see these young students step up and take on this kind of role. Sometimes I get used to it, but its a rare thing to see 19 year old students volunteer around 15hrs of their week to serve and love their community. A pic of some of our students playing games at our Monday hangs On top of that we get to take all of our leaders to our training conference this year, and it's right before the semester starts. SICM is always a huge deal for us and where a lot of our training takes place. It's extra special this year since we can take people who have gone befo

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