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Transformative Friendship

One of the most special things about doing campus ministry is seeing new and potentially lifelong friendships forming in front of you. Although I love many things about what I do, this might be one of my favorites. Many students come and go throughout the years, and oftentimes you are left wondering what will stick with them. Will they remember any sermons or talks they heard? Will they remember what you mentored them on, conversations you had, things about God that you taught them, leadership skills, spiritual disciplines, and so on? They might remember bits and pieces of that stuff, and a lot of it will impact them whether they have a distinct memory or not. Time and time again, what continues to create the longest standing impact are the relationships students make.  I think that's why Jesus spent so much time mentoring the 12. He did all those other things to, a lot of them. But it was the 12 disciples and their relationship with Him and each other that enabled them to take th

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