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Our 30,000ft Vision

          As a pastor it is easy to get used to looking at the goal that is right ahead of you. Selecting next years leader team, planning the next big event, brainstorming our next sermon series, etc. It's kind of like going on a hike and doing what I normally do, instead of looking at all the pretty sights you're mainly focused on not tripping over the next rock. Then sometimes you'll sit down and look up at where you're heading. The 12000ft summit of the mountain, or in Texas the 500ft summit... Either way you see where you're going, and maybe you look out across the landscape and see where you're at roughly. I think that's pretty normal for us on FOCUS staff as well. We have regular meetings to talk about where we're heading in the next 5 years, what our vision for our campus is, who we want on our staff for the long haul, that kind of stuff. But I think the view that we most often forget about, and certainly the one we most often forget to tell othe

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