Trusting in the Lord

Justice and Change

I have a feeling that about everyone right now is sorting through their thoughts on recent events. As a pastor I have been thinking through what is an appropriate response, not only as a person, but as a leader in our community. Should I post on social media, should I join protests, should I just rapidly consume media and try to learn as much as I can? Some responses are probably more helpful than others, but what I have really landed on is doing what I can do best. Which is talking to individuals. Ministering to the brothers and sisters in our community that are hurting. Having productive conversations with those students who are processing through what they think about all this. What it comes down to is the question of how do you bring change? The best example is to look at the most influential man in history, Jesus. What was his method for changing the world? The disciples. Without them the movement ran the risk of dying on the cross with Christ. Jesus ran the risk of going down in history as another failed uprising, another radical teacher killed. But He entrusted the Kingdom into the hands of a group of guys with pretty shakey faith and debatable skills. Filling them with His Spirit Jesus entrusted these followers to carry on His mission of bringing the Kingdom. In a couple hundred years it went from an underground movement to being the religion of the whole empire. That is change. Carried out by a ragged band of followers that Jesus spent a couple years investing in. So as I think of my response to the movement occurring in our country, although many responses might be good, I have chosen to invest in those around me. Bring change in the ways that I know, and the people I know. I've had so many helpful and encouraging conversations with our students about justice, about oppression, about grace, about peace, about love. It seems small, but I believe that if that was good enough for our Lord, it should be good enough for me, even if it doesn't make me feel good at all times.

I'm seriously struggling with pictures these days.
If you've ever wanted to see behind the scenes of a live stream, here you go. 

Summertime Ministry

Despite all the curve ball's we've been thrown lately, ministry continues to go well. Meeting with students has been about normal, which means basically nothing is going on in most people's lives, but at the same time it gives them an opportunity to spend more time in the Word and times with God. We just finished up our Summer Leadership Training which was our replacement of our typical SICM trip. We had almost everyone who would have gone on that trip come to this training, and it opened up the opportunity for people to attend who wouldn't normally be able to go. I am always impressed by our students being willing to sit through an optional training for 8 hours a day (and on Zoom no less). I know the teaching served as a good reminder for me, and I'm sure it was incredibly valuable to our students. One of them, Preston, was telling me how helpful it was for him and how excited he was school to start so he could go and start implementing all the things he took away. So overall ministry is good, I feel like this is a time of tilling the soil and preparing for another season of planting and growing.
Socially distanced staff meeting at our place.

The typical view of our co-workers

Personal Troubles

It's been a weird month for Darby and I. She had surgery earlier in the month to remove a tumor in her neck. Then there was a long waiting period for finding out exactly what it was. We recently found out that it was cancerous but that the surgery should have gotten it all, and we'll just have to stay vigilant for any signs of it cropping up again. You don't ever expect to go through something like that at 24, but it has been a time of bringing us closer together, and growing us closer to God. He really can use all things for His good right?

Prayer Requests:

Pray for Darby's complete healing

Pray for selecting new leaders for the fall

Pray for the ongoing planning around next year and the challenges it will bring


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