Going into August

We made it.

I can hardly believe that we are finally here. We've made it to the official start of the FOCUS apprenticeship. I know that there is absolutely no way that I would be here writing about my first week if it wasn't for all of you that have partnered me with prayer and finances. This summer was full of up's and down's. Fundraising can be a very trying season, with discouragements being common, but with encouragements coming even more often. I felt like for every hard conversation or no I received, there were five great interactions that left me beaming. The Lord really used this summer to build my trust in Him. I felt like throughout the months I became more and more sure of the fact that He would provide and see me through this time. Fundraising wasn't the only thing on my mind this summer though...


Darby and I celebrated our 3 year 10 month anniversary by getting married this July. We were absolutely blown away by people's generosity throughout this whole wedding process. Our friends and family really made me and Darby feel incredibly loved and cared for. I had many warnings of weddings just flying by (which is true) but what I didn't expect is how little of everyone I would see. I was in a room full of all my favorite people and I felt like I barely got to talk to them before it was time to leave! 

Darby and I got to honeymoon in beautiful California. We both loved the variety of activities, which included going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, and going to at least one coffee shop a day.

We barely got back from our honeymoon and had to turn around and prepare for the start of the Apprenticeship. I am so grateful for the trust you have all put into me as I embark upon this new season of ministry. It has given me so much fuel and energy going into this very busy time, which August will certainly be. 


This month has already been a time of change, growth, and challenge for me. I am absolutely certain that there will be more to come as well. We went to staff retreat to start off the month, which was a great experience. I have been around the staff for years, and I have always looked up to them, so just sharing about our lives and playing games with them for a couple days was such a great way to break down barriers I had put up. The senior staff did a great job of making us apprentices feel welcome, and I felt so encouraged after the different discussions we had.

With the retreat behind us it's time to buckle down and start preparing for the year. Which for us apprentices means 9 hours of studying the Old Testament a day. While it has already been taxing, I feel like this is going to be such a great time to learn and grow. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me the rest of this month! 


  1. Hey Drew! Thanks for sharing about the start of your apprenticeship! And also for those beautiful honeymoon pictures. You have certainly been through a whirlwind of a summer!
    I am praying for you guys as you dive into the Old Testament and then head out onto your campuses to meet and invite people. So glad to have you on the team!

  2. I'm excited for your time in the Old Testament this month! I'm praying that you'll gain new insight into God's character and love.


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