Digging Deep

In October I feel like I really got to dive deep in my relationships, in my studies, into activities and more. It has really been such an encouraging month, and I want to thank you so much for helping make that happen! 

Peer Team

This month I really got to get to know some of my guys in my peer team (small group of small group leaders) so much better than before. We didn't have an official meeting one Monday, so Darby and I invited some of her Core girls and my peer team guys over for a night of studying and hanging out. It went super well and I loved getting to hangout with them outside of our regular times! Overall my peer team has been so encouraging to me, both in their commitment to serving this community, their love for each other, and their openness about their lives. This month has brought a lot of challenges to these guys, and I've been really impressed by how they have handled themselves through it. A couple of them are just completely overwhelmed by all the things on their plate this semester, but they have shown so much dedication to the guys in their Core! Another of the guys named Nick got a job offer from a company that at first he didn't think he would ever want to work at, but he really felt God calling him there, and has since started into the process of working there! It's just so great to see these college students taking their walk with the Lord so seriously! 

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Focus on Jesus Study

A highlight of every week for me is my Bible study with Jim. He has been so open about his life and his struggles. He deals with pretty severe anxiety, and that has been a hindrance to him studying the Bible before, because a lot of it is wrapped up in the idea of God hating him or being angry with him. But he said that he loves our studies and has been so encouraged by it. He got involved in a Core a couple weeks ago as well, and I just see so much potential in him. He always brings such great questions and shows such a passion to learn. I think God is doing some amazing stuff in his life. 

Halloween Party!

This year we decided to throw a Halloween party as a way to outreach to students on campus. Halloween can often be one of the most dangerous, dark, and worldly holidays. College campus's can be full of crazy Halloween parties were a lot of not great stuff goes down. So we decided to throw a party where people can come, have fun, bring in students they've met in classes and work, and overall have a good and safe time. It's probably one of the most ambitious Halloween parties we've done, but it turned out great! So many of our students showed up and we had tons of international students come as well! One of our ministers heard a student say "This is the most fun I've ever had a UTD!"

Overall this month has been so great. God has really blessed me this month in so many ways. I think He is doing big stuff at UTD this year, and I really can't wait to see what is next.


  1. Hey Drew! Looks like things are going well at UTD. The Halloween party seems like it was such a huge success! And I love that you've been growing deeper relationships with your peer team. That's such a neat way to minister to people who have already committed to Jesus and are exploring how to follow him in every facet of their lives. Thanks for leading and loving those guys well!


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