Wrapping Up The Semester

It's crazy to think that our students will be wrapping up school in the next week. This school year has flown by and all of these things wrapping up are bittersweet, but I am so grateful for the time I've had with my guys and with the specific groups I've gotten to serve with this year.

Pic from our last TNF after event (in the torrential downpour)

Our Last Tuesday Night Focus Meeting 

One of the most bittersweet moments of this month was or last TNF meeting of the year. It's been amazing to see this group flourish over the year. I've seen them all grow, both in their individual lives and as a community through building friendships. We ended our services for the year with the topic of intimacy with God. It seemed to connect with our students in a big way, and we could really see the Spirit working through the series. Darby and I both got to give a little message to our community. I spoke about intimacy with God in your personal life, and she spoke about intimacy in worship. Part of my sermon I felt very unsure about, but afterwards I had a student come up to me and tell me that the part that ministered to her the most was the part I was least sure about. Our worship leader even picked a song that was based on one of the passages if the Bible I had selected to read. They had no idea we were reading those verses that week. It was such an amazing God deal. It's truly a blessing when God shows how he is working in such obvious ways.

Wrapping up Peer Team

I'm having some of my last meet ups with my guys for the semester this week, which is also very bittersweet. I've loved meeting with them and seeing them grow this year, and I'm going to miss them so much when I transition to UNT next year. But I know that I'll still be able to maintain these relationships I've built, they'll just look different. All of my guys are in a good place to end the year well and to have a great summer and year beyond that. I'm sad for our weekly times together to end, but excited to see what God has in store for all of us moving forward.

Moving into Summer

The month of May and the summer beyond it will certainly look different for me. Darby and I will be transitioning out of our rolls at UTD and be transitioning into our new roles at UNT. This time not as apprentices, but as senior staff (which is a scary thought). While some things will be wrapping up, some things are also just starting. I had a student reach out to me and ask if I would study the Bible with him just a week ago. So I'll be starting that study up soon, I'll be continuing some of my current Bible studies with students, and will hopefully have some more time so that I can meet with a bunch of people I don't get regular time with. 

I'm excited to finish this year off strong and head into the summer full force!

Someone didn't get the memo that we were doing a serious face...


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