Restful and Stressful

This month has had it's ups and downs for sure. With a move to Denton, getting to know a new community and staff team, and with continuing to fundraise, July has had its fair share of stressors. On the flip side though, Darby and I love our new place, I love meeting new people, and it has been nice to have a more relaxed pace in the summer before the school year starts up again.

I wanted to say another thank you to all of you who have supported me this last year. I am so grateful for your generosity and all that was made possible this year. And as my new supporters or new people on my prayer team, I'm so excited to partner with you guys!

Our Denton staff for the upcoming year. Our director doesn't like staged photos, so he chose that face...

One of the highlights this month was our Denton staff retreat. It was a great time to get away from everything and focus on building new relationships with this team that I'll be working with for the next couple years. I have really loved getting to know them, and can tell that they will be such a fun group to work with. 

Our new place in Denton!

Another highlight would just be settling into our place here in Denton. I'm absolutely loving getting to know all the students, and they have been so welcoming to Darby and I. I feel like we are constantly being invited to different events and things that are going on. I've been a part of a FOCUS community for so long I have almost forgotten what its like to be the newcomer. I hope and pray that everyone is treated like we have been, because it is truly such a welcoming experience. 

One of our Summer FOCUS Fellowships

Fundraising always brings with it some ups and downs. One day you'll get a new supporter, the next you'll be told no three times in a row. Through it all you can start to really get a feel for just how in control God is over everything. He provides everything we need, and fundraising is certainty a good way to grow in trusting God to do just that. 

Prayer Requests:

Pray for our staff team as we make decisions about student leadership for this next year.

Pray for the Denton community as a whole, that they can find stability and strength this coming year.

Pray for Darby and I's fundraising. We're currently at about 75% with less than a month to go. 


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