Amazing Growth and Potential

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. This year has gotten off to an absolutely great start, and I know that is in no small part because of how you've helped! So thank you again! I'm really excited to share with you what all God has been doing on campus because there is a lot! 

Our first TNF of the year

Our turnout for Zombie Tag, an event we put on

The Fruits of Welcome Week

This year really started off with a bang. We had been praying for God to open doors on campus, for people to be open to Him and what He was doing here, and God really delivered. Coming off of basically a year and a half of really weird ministry we had no idea what size our community would be. By all likelihood it would have shrunk. But God worked in powerful ways once again. If anything we've grown, and quite a bit! We're packing out the room we used to meet in, and people were even having to sit on the floor the first couple weeks. But with so many students being wary of large group gatherings due to COVID and because of social anxiety, we know there are far more people involved than just that. It's very possible this has been one of our most fruitful starts to school ever. That is across all our campuses in DFW actually! Some of our smaller ministries basically doubled in size this year! 

Beyond just having more people involved, we also have pretty astounding diversity this year. We'll have to wait until we do our yearly survey to be sure, but I'm pretty sure this is the most diverse group of students we've ever had. This is so encouraging because we are always trying to mirror the culture around us in the make up of our ministry. I think God did that for us this year! So we're super pumped about that as well! 

Part of our leader team for this year

Leaders Stepping Up 

A huge reason why this year has already been so amazing is our leader team. We've got so many new students stepping up to lead small groups this year, and with a bunch of new people you never know how it will turn out. But we've been blown away with their willingness to serve, to outreach, to bring energy, to never complain when things go wrong, and to ultimately love God and love people well. Our leaders have been so faithful with making sure every student in our ministry gets met with 1x1, and that every person can feel included and welcomed. On top of that as we dust off our skills in large group gatherings and worship, they always bring the energy and lead by example. I've been so proud to see so many students lead others in their walk with God even after never having a normal year of ministry under their feet. 

The guys in my small group this year! 

The Next Generation

With college ministry the hard part is that as much as you love the leaders you have, you always know they are only a couple years away from graduating and moving away.  So our pastors are always on the lookout for the next generation of leaders. The people who will decide to step up and help lead our community in the years to come. It's still early on in this process, so your prayers would be very appreciated, but I think God is providing in this area as well. So many of our new students are on fire for Jesus and are already looking for ways to serve and love those around them. 

This all only scratches the surface of what God has been doing this year. So if you want to find out more about what God is doing on campus please reach out! And of course I'll keep you updated as best as I can!


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